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Food items to keep you hydrated throughout the summers

Food items to keep you hydrated throughout the summers
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Summers is on the head and weather is going to be super hot within few days. The most common problem during the summers is the dehydration. Human body can easily get dehydrated within hours during summers. It is very important to keep yourself hydrated throughout the season. Best item for this purpose is the water. But for some people it is not easy to consume liters of water everyday. For those people there are some food items that they must consume. The list is given below:

  • Cucumber

Cucumber is available during the summers as well as monsoon. The water content of cucumber is very high. It is about 96 percent water only. This is the best food items to consume. You can eat it without any meal or with meal as salad. During the summers reduce the quantity of the solid meal and increase the quantity of the cucumbers in your meal. It is very good for weight loss as well. They have lots of fiber as well as vitamin content present.

  • Watermelon

The water content of watermelon is 82 percent. It is also available in summers also. The fruit taste very yum also. The best technique to eat watermelon is keep it in a refrigerator for about one day. Let the ice settle on it. Now cut into small pieces and eat it. It taste very good. It is amongst one of the hydrating foods list.

  • Spinach

The benefits of spinach are insane. It is als9 among the list of super foods. The water content of the super food is very high that is 91 percent water. But the content may decrease when you cook it. So try to consume it raw. Apart from this there are lots of supplements present in it. For example 4 percent carbohydrates, 3 percent protein, and very negligible fat. The super food is good option for dieting as well.

  • Apple

Apple is also a good source of water. There is about 86 percent water present in the apple. Also it is very famous line that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. For better results consume an apple right after you wake up. Usually apple is available in winters but still you will find it in summers as well. Only the price may vary in summers as compare to the winters.

  • Glucose or juice

Make a habit of consuming one glass of either juice or glucose daily. Glucose has lots of health benefits. For example it maintain the blood sugar levels, provide calcium and iron to our body. Same goes for the glass of juice.

These are the five food that you must take in the summers. Apart from this consume water on regular basis. Nothing can replace water. Take at least 2-3 liter water everyday and these food items as well. Only then you can stay healthy and hydrated in summer.

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