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Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024 | 6:32:31 AM
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Best places to travel summers 2022

Best places to travel summers 2022
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Most of people hate summers and want to travel to happening places. Let’s discuss some of the places all across the world where you can go for the summer holidays.

Summers are almost here and people have already started hating the weather. There are very less people who love summers. Also, summers holidays are on the way and people are figuring out the locations for vacations. To make things easy for you, let’s discuss some of the places where you can go this summer.

  • Hill stations of North India

There are tons of hill stations in North India. And each of the hill stations is worth exploring. For example, Himachal has options of Manali, Shimla, Lahol Spiti, etc. Uttrakhand has places like Mussoorie, Nainital, etc. Kashmir is the real beauty when it comes to hill stations. All three states are very close to each other. You can either visit one state or book a package of three states simultaneously. You will relax during this trip a lot. The weather is not at all hot as well as cold there. It is very pleasant.

  • London United Kingdom 

If you are up for international trip then go for London. It is one of the coolest city of world. The weather is cool all over the year. It is very cold during the winters. So the best time to visit is summers. You can wear desired clothes and explore the streets of London. If not interested in London then there are more options in United Kingdom like Birmingham. 

  • Munnar Kerala

The place is one of the spots of India that remains pleasant throughout the year. It’s not as if you will find cold weather there during the summers but it is pleasant. You may save yourself from the sweat of summers. Also, there are lots of tea gardens to explore. There are other activities to perform as well. 

  • Maldives 

The Maldives is not at all a cool place to visit. But it only water everywhere. You can book a water villa and dip it into the water whenever you want. The Maldives is the current honeymoon destination. You can also visit the place with your better half and enjoy a soulful summer there. There are options of water villa, floating villa, and land villa. Pick one according to your choice and enjoy your summers

  • Mount Abu

Mount Abu is the hill station of Rajasthan. The state is known for its deserts and forts. But it also has a very beautiful hill station known as Mount Abu. Moreover, the hill station is famous for its weather as well as the natural scenery. Option of flight as well as Railway Station is there. 

These are the five destinations where you can travel this summer. It includes both domestic as well as international destinations. If you are not impressed with this then the option of going to the north pole is always there. Keep yourself hydrated this summer and enjoy the weather.

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