Best types of sports and fitness activities for senior citizens

fitness activities for senior citizens
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There is a misconception that sports are for children only. But, the truth is people of all age groups can benefit from sports and fitness activities. Staying active and keeping the heart in a good condition should be the greatest priority of every senior citizen. As we age, our heart becomes weak and thus, needs special food and exercises to keep it healthy.

Sports and exercises can protect you from heart related ailments that tend to attack the elderly. Exercises also help aging adults maintain their body weight, stay active and reduce chances of having cancer. So, let us find out the types of sports that are for the elderly

Most effective sports and exercises for older people

Here is a list of fitness activities and sports that you can consider performing if you are approaching old age:

  1. Swimming- The reason why swimming is perfect for older people is that water exercises lessen impact on our joints. Studies have proved that people who swim on a daily basis have better cardiovascular health as well as muscular strength.
  2. Dancing- Dancing keeps the muscles flexible, lessens chances of heart ailments, and improves balance and memory. Seniors who have limited capabilities can opt for chair dancing. Moreover, dancing is always fun. It gives the person immense joy and therefore, is the best therapy for mental health.
  3. Bowling- Bowling promotes coordination and balance, and is a great workout option for ageing adults.
  4. Yoga- Yoga is again a low impact activity. Practicing yoga is advisable for children, adults and seniors as it is good for each and every part of the human body. In addition to ensuring the smooth functioning of your lungs, heart, liver and other organs, yoga provides strength to the elderly. It also has relaxation properties that help us remain stress-free.
  5. Golf- Golf is an excellent sport for your joints. When you play golf, you are required to swing the club in various ways. The other plus points are that it helps us stay focused and strategize mentally.
  6. Shuffleboard- Senior citizens love shuffleboard as it is easy to learn. People enjoy playing it and get better with practice. It provides socialization and mental stimulation or seniors.
  7. Tai Chi- Tai Chi basically involves fluid, gentle movements, making it a suitable sport for seniors. The health benefits of this low impact exercise are many. It can help you with muscle strength, flexibility, blood pressure, and aerobic capacity. Additionally, seniors are always at a risk of falling down and breaking bones due to imbalance. Tai Chi also improves the balance of a person, reducing such chances to a great extent.
  8. Badminton or Tennis- Both badminton and tennis are excellent sports. But, they are fast paced and thus, all senior people might not be able to play these.


Most old people who are fit do not face any problem performing the sports mentioned above. However, it is best to choose sports or exercises based on your medical conditions and physical abilities.

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