Is sport a good career option in current time?

Is sport a good career option in current time
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Earlier people were not into the sports but the time has changed a lot now. Let’s discuss some of the best career options in sports in this piece of section.

When Indian cricket team went to UK for world cup 1983, each person get only 15 pounds daily. And now if you talk about current time, the charges are about 100 times more or maybe more than that. So it shows that sports are very good career options for youth these days. An average athlete is way richer than a big businessman among whole world. Let’s see what are the options in sports that a person can explore. These options are highly payable among whole world.

  • Cricket 

Cricketers of whole world get a very good salary on daily basis. For example the men Indian cricketer makes about Rs.100000 per day. Additional wages are also there. On the other hand an female Indian cricketer makes about Rs.80,000 a day. This is still less as comparison to a male cricketer but the time is evolving now. Earlier no one even know about the female cricket team but now the salary is good enough. It will also become equal one day. These are just the average salaries, there are lots more income for a cricketer. The companies approach them a lot for promotions and collaborations in exchange of millions of money. 

  • Football 

Football is also very good career options for people. Footballers are very rich in profession. The average salary of a footballer is between 25000 to 300000 dollars per day. Their life is very luxurious. On the other hand a woman gets about 22000 to 100000 dollars per day. It is difficult to get into the football game professionally but once you get into this, your life is going to change. It is one of the most famous games among whole world. 

  • Wrestling 

Earlier people used to do wrestling in fairs and in soil land only. But then with time the game become very famous among people. It is now in Olympics also. Haryana state has the most wrestlers in whole country for both male as well as female. They get paid in millions for single match only. We all must have watched the very famous real life based movie Dangal. 

  • Badminton 

Badminton is another very famous game in world. It is also among the games of Olympics. Some of the top badminton player get about 5 million of salary every year. Nowadays even the small children at schools are playing badminton very well. Every year lots of players emerge from the schools and colleges to play in Olympics. This is also a very good option for people.

These are the four games that have very good career options for students. The best part is that players get government jobs from their state government if they perform very well in games. If they bring the medals for country then this is the best thing that may happen to them. everyone will praise the players a lot and give them new opportunities.

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