Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024 | 6:43:51 AM
Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024 | 6:43:51 AM
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Food items that are of low carbs

Food items that are of low carbs
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There are tons of food items available to eat. But there are very few with low carbs. Today we will discuss such items that have very low carbs present.

Everyone wants to eat healthily. Who doesn’t want to be in shape? But healthy diet food can cost you tons of bucks. Because there are very few food items available that have low carbs. Today in this piece of information we will discuss such food items. These items are low in price and can be easily available at grocery stores.

Let’s start with our list now!

  • Egg

The egg is made up of protein. It has no carbohydrates, no sugar, and nothing unhealthy. But the condition is you only have to eat the white part. The yellow part of the egg consists of fat that will increase the calories level. The white part of the egg is 90 percent water and 10 percent protein. Hence, it is very safe to eat as a low-carb food.

  • Oatmeal

Oatmeal has very less content of carbs. The half cup of dry oats contains a total of 27 grams of carbs. Doesn’t matter whether you take oats with sugars or oats with veggies. Apart from this best part of oatmeal is that it helps in slow digestion. It clearly means that oats reduce your appetite to a larger extent. It will not make you feel hungry for hours. Therefore, oatmeals are the best option for a low-carb diet.

  • Peanut butter

Peanut butter is made up of peanuts that are actually a legume. It is from the family of beans. Two tablespoons of peanut butter contain sixteen grams of healthy fat and seven grams of protein. There is a total of seven grams of carbs at every serving. It also tastes yummy with bread and with some shakes also. You can also choose other nut shakes like almond butter, pistachio butter, and cashew butter. These are also great choices for a healthy diet.

  • Nuts as a snacks

Pick the nuts as a healthy carb-free snack. These are, very rich in fiber. It means that nuts help your meal to stay. As a result, you don’t feel hungry again and again. Especially when women are on low carbs diet they must take nuts as a snack. The minimum required amount is 25 to 30 grams per day. The best example of nuts is almonds. You can consume almonds regularly as a low-carb diet.

  • Quinoa

Quinoa is trending these days. Half a cup of quinoa contains a total of 20 grams of carbohydrates. It is lower than that of oats. A single cup of quinoa contains eight grams of protein and five grams of protein. Remember don’t make it a regular source of protein. Because a single cup of quinoa has more carbohydrates as compared to protein.

These were the five foods that are healthy as well as have low carbs content. You can make these foods a part of your daily diet meals. Each food item has its specialty. Some are high in proteins while some are high in fibers. If you cannot eat each item then try to consume at least one item daily. You will see the results very soon.

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