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Five destinations for the solo traveler in India


Over time, solo traveling is gaining huge popularity. By solo traveling, people get several opportunities. These opportunities include meeting with new masses and enhance their social circle too. In addition to it, when it comes to solo traveling, the masses are too choosy.

They also like to consider the best traveling places to explore. If you are also one of them, then the below-mentioned information is fruitful for you. In addition to it, here is the list of prominent destinations which you can consider for traveling.

  1. The hidden treasure of Kerala is Varkala.

Varkala is known as a coastal town which is situated in the southern part of Kerala. This place is known for the 15 meter-high “North Cliff,” which is adjacent to the Arabian Sea. In addition to it, if you make a mind of solo traveling, then you should consider this place for sure.

  1. Rishikesh 

Rishikesh is situated at the foothills of the Himalayas, which has high religious value for sure. In addition to it, you will have several things to do in the Rishikesh, which commence from the adventures activities to visiting the ancient temples.

  1. Udaipur, The city of lakes

Beautiful Aravalli Hill surrounds it. This city is also known as the city of lakes. Its breathtaking architecture and natural beauty will grab the attention of numerous visitors. In addition to it, right from the lakes to architecture, you will observe several things here.

  1. Shillong, Capital of Meghalaya 

Shillong is considered as one of the beautiful cities which is surrounded by pine trees. It is also named the “Scotland of the East” because of its natural beauty. There are several things to observe in the Shillong, including the crystal clear lakes, golf course, and so on.

  1. Manali 

Considered the best place for solo travelers and known for its beauty. This place has several mesmerizing views to consider. You can explore the museums, temples, rivers, food and so on. Right from Sissu to Old Manali, you have plenty of things to explore.

These are the places that you can visit as a solo traveler. In addition to it, all you need to do is plan your trip properly. Go to the trip with the proper planning and plotting. Due to it, you will not face any problems during the trip. In addition to it, always choose the best hotels and services for your business.

In the end, make your trip more interesting and enjoyable by exploring different kinds of places. Either you want to go to Udaipur or the Manali, make a list of places and explore it. You will enjoy the trip with proper planning.

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