Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024 | 11:58:53 PM
Tuesday, July 23rd, 2024 | 11:58:53 PM
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Five strange sports that you do not know earlier


When it comes to the choice of the sports, these include soccer, basketball, cricket, and so on. It shows that the thinking of the masses is a little bit restricted regarding these options. For enjoying sports, you will have to think out of the box for sure.

Now, you will have to take one step ahead in sports choices. There are several strange sports to consider. These are not only strange, but you will get a new kind of enjoyment if you consider that sports. Here is the list of some strange sports which are beyond your thinking level.

  1. Speak Takraw

It is one of the prominent sports in Southeast Asia. This sport is like volleyball but not similar. In this game, players use the feet, knees, head, and chest for moving the ball. On the other side, in the volleyball game, the player moves or hits the ball with the hands. The ball used in Speak Takraw is made from softwood.

  1. Tuna Tossing 

This sport originated from South Australia. The location was a small fishing community of Port Lincoln. This sport is based on tossing the fish with force onto the truck. In this game, rubber fish is used for tossing, and the winner gets the reward too.

  1. Toe Wrestling 

Toe wrestling is a new and strange sport that is full of fun. You can compare this sport with arm wrestling. The criteria of the game are one player has to pin down the toe of its competitor for three seconds. This game will be played in three rounds. The majority of the masses love to play this game in their free time. So, for the next when your sibling teases you, then you can play toe wrestling with them.

  1. Hotdog eating contests

This game is ideal for the foodie masses who love to eat hotdogs. In this game, in the time of ten minutes, you will have to eat hotdogs as many as you can or as per your capacity. In many countries, this game is played and gained huge popularity.

  1. Underwater Football

Underwater football is categorized as American football. As its name indicate that this game is played in the swimming pool. This game may also have rules regarding the equipment and other things. Underwater football is also a strange sport that requires snorkelling equipment.

In the end, these are some strange sports which played in specific countries but gain huge popularity. Numerous things are there to search more about the sports. All you need to do is, work on gathering more information about that kind of sport. You will get plenty of options regarding strange outdoor and indoor options.

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